Happy Birthday to me…..

3 May

So I’m 54….wow.  I don’t feel 54.  But then what does 54 feel like? I tried to remember what my mother was like at this age….1981….I was already out of the the house by then so I guess I can’t compare myself but before then say when she was 49, the year I graduated…she seemed a lot older than I feel.  I guess it’a all in how you look at life and deal with it. 

It’s a beautiful day, sun is shining and the temp is going to reach 82! Nice for the northwest corner if OZ.

I didn’t even realize I was starting this blog so close to my birthday.  Maybe it’s fitting.  I do have another blog that I haven’t touched in a year but I feel it’s on a site out of my league.  I really don’t know what site is in my league.  Maybe there isn’t one.  There’s so much going on in my head that I want to get out. But I want to do it with some sort of order which makes it difficult. I don’t want to sound like a boring idiot. Or a whining woman.  I can see this is going to take some time but I’m hoping in the end it will be worth it.  


Blogging from my iPad

3 May

Testing out the iPad app. Seems pretty easy to use. Pretty nice. Ah it’s 12:07 I’m 54.

Stress Reducer

1 May

Warning – I’m a blogger wannabe who is a lousy blogger.  I can’t tell you how many blogs I’ve started aspiring to be the next Julie (Julie & Julia), or Carrie (my favorite, though she wasn’t a blogger but close) only to fail miserably.  I did manage to keep one going for a few months but my biggest issue is I don’t want anyone who knows me to know it’s me blogging.  

It isn’t easy to blog anonymously. And once you name a blog you can’t ever change it.  I don’t like that.  Already I want to change this one from coffeeandteatime to bloggerwannabe or something similar.  I think it would be more appropriate.  

I want to use my blog as a journal which is why I want to blog anonymously.  I have journaled (is that a word?) all my life.  If I saved them all there would be boxes filled with little locked books with handwriting that no one in the world could decyfer and I’m a horrible speller. Right now I have three books with no four with stuff written in them and one blog.  Now this one.  

Why all the secrecy?  I’m a terrible writer. So what do I do…I start my first blog on a writers blog!  Thank you Julie.  And I had a husband who left me no privacy and read anything he could find of mine so I tossed everything I had in fear.  In the end I finally tossed him not in fear but after realizing I didn’t need to be afraid anymore.  This story, however is for another time.

I don’t care if strangers read what I write.  I don’t know you so it’s okay. But my family…that’s a different story, can’t air my dirty laundry to them.  So that’s what this is for me – My stress reducer.  That’s what all my journals have been.  I just learned this yesterday or rather put it all together yesterday.  

I never thought I was stressed, professionals all said I was, but I thought they were strange to say so.  Now I know they were/are right.  

8:15 am…time to get ready for work…will continue this at lunch.Image

Hello world!

29 Apr

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Happy blogging!